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[ Q1. 본인이 자신가라고 생각합니까?]



예스! 내 자신감은 장난 아닙니다.(웃음) 언제나 자신있어요.

(무언가 새로운 것에 도전할 때 불안하지는 않나요?)

아니요. (즉답) 왜냐면 불안하다고 느낄 때에는 도전하지 않기 때문에. (웃음)



[ Q2. 칭찬받으면 성장하는 타이프?]


아니요. 칭찬받으면 오만해져버리네요. "잘하네!"라고 들으면 "역시? 그렇죠~"라고 안심해버려요. (웃음)



[ Q3. 서프라이즈 좋아해?]



웅... 서프라이즈 자체에 관심이 없어요.

(친구 생일 같은 날 서프라이즈 파티를 해주거나 하진 않나요?)

아~~! 그런 때에는 그 친구 본인에게 "서프라이즈 파티 하니까 기대해!"라고 말하네요 (웃음)



[ Q4. 잘 우나요?]


노. (최근 눈물 흘린 적은?) 아, 있어요. MV 촬영때 눈물을 흘려야 해서 그 때 울었어요. 그래도 감동받아서 울거나 하는 건 없어요.

(인생에서 가장 울었던 적은?) 태어날 때!

(평소 울고 싶어지는 때는 없나요?) MV촬영의 우는 씬에서 눈물이 전혀 안 나와서. 그 때는 빨리 울고 싶었어요!








<본문 영어번역>


"i thought it seemed to be interesting when i was chosen the MC (of Mcountdown). i was happy that i have the regular work on every thursday, and my happiness index was raised up."

"i of course got nervous at the beginning. it's live, and the the place where is for MC isn't just one place, like going down to waiting rooms to have interviews except the stage, i have to move around.
So at the first, i had no space to think about all, i felt like "being taken my sprit away?"

"i feel more pressure to be as a MC than to be a singer. Because i can't make mistakes...
ah, i can't make mistake songs either. (when he sings songs.)... what can i say?
for my songs, it's just o.k if i do it well, but as MC, you have to understand all situations and make run the program.
even more as a singer, you just have to stand on the stage about for 3mins, but more than one hour as a MC...
i feel thirsty a lot."

Q: is there any accidents or you've been lost your mind?

"because of my bad pronunciation, i've made mistake of the singer's name. And at the announcement for No.1 of the last, No.1 (artist) is showed on the monitor, however i have bad eyesight, i couldn't see who got No.1. when it's showed on the screen, i couldn't see if it's 2NE1 or girls generation well, i got frozen just one second at the place, like "OMG, what a terrible! (what should i do!)" www
at that time, jeahyeon hyong who has good eye sight helped me.
in fact, i was also surprised. i've thought artis' names were showed on the screen, but only the album jacket was showed... since then, i started to check (artists') albums jackets' photos."

"when i did MC in Jp (Mcountdown aritists of spring in yokohama), i was tought Jp pronunciation by a Jp translator and practiced a lot before the stage. i guess i have the sence of Jpapanese, kkkk
i was very happy that there're fans for our MC couple even many artists were there. So i wanna release my album and have music activities someday in Japan."





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